Tuesday 2 March 2010

No seat belts required.....Indian buses.

What can be said? This afternoon had an interesting conversation with the owner of an Indian shop in Figeac who had visited India several times. Her recommedation was if you get a seat on a bus then try to sit as close to the front as possible as many of them don't have rear shock absorbers....I can understand why! In anycase it's better to use private bus companies rather than state owned. But I have a feeling that I would like to experience both, if I survive, then that's another story.

Photo: Bus in New Delhi......frightening!!!

Apparently it's cheaper on the roof. How much it costs to hang off the back is anyone's guess.
Apart from pot holes in the road, there are always the 'Holy cows' to avoid.
This will be a real adventure.....am I prepared for this? No!

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